Monday, September 08, 2008

A Monday List

I haven't had a list for a while, and since my brain is totally fried today...
Ten Reasons I Love Fall:
1. Cooler temperatures.
2. The leaves changing.
3. Pumpkin scented candles.
4. Pumpkin bread.
5. The return of heartier meals, like soups, stews, and all the stuff you don't feel like eating when it's millions of degrees outside.
6. Sweatshirts.
7. The way it smells outside.
8. Halloween!
9. Bon fires.
10. Snuggling under a blanket.
There you go.


sailorcross said...

I love the fall, too!! For all the reasons you mentioned--I have a candle burning right at this very moment called "Autumn Walk". Makes my whole bedroom smell like the outside in the fall--a kind of spicy smell!

I have the best recipe for beef stew--mix everything up, throw it in the oven at 250 for 5 hours and DO NOT TOUCH IT!! It's great for these fall days!

I do follow you, you know--I just have to update everything, and then I'll be there!!

What a long comment--like i didn't just see you!


Victoria said...

I still need to dig out my candles. You'll have to send me that recipe!