Friday, September 19, 2008

Supernatural Friday!

What a fantastic episode!
I'm so glad the boys are back!
I was riveted throughout the whole episode. The way Dean crawled out of his grave - though why his was buried with his lighter is curious. I guess Sam wanted him to have everything he needed just in case he was able to find a way to bring him back. The reunions were beautiful. Dean pulling up his shirt to check for hell hound wounds, absolutely beautiful. Sam's powers. The angel. The reason Dean was pulled out of hell. The confrontation with the demons in the diner. The burned out eyes. The great lines. And holy cow, is Dean bowlegged or what?
I hope we don't see a brother against brother thread going on. I can live with Dean being darker and having some issues after his time in hell. I can deal with Sam being harder after living without Dean for so long. But I can't deal with the brothers being at odds. I don't want them to lie to each other any more and I want Dean to finally accept Sam's powers.
But, I guess that's not up to me.
Next week's episode looks fantastic!
The boys are back and all is right in the world!

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