Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Things

A random collection of different things and nonsense.
1. After taking Natalie's advice, I stopped paying attention to other customers when I use the self-scan at the grocery store. I haven't gone through with a big shopping yet, but my grocery store experience has been much nicer since I do everything myself. And, remember, big shopping is relative - I shop for 6 people, so a quick grocery store run means a small cart shoved full.
2. Having a cold/flu (whatever this is/was) sucks hard.
3. Yesterday as I was dropping K4 off at school, this high school kid on a little bike flew through the intersection without waiting for the crossing guard. I don't know what happened, but the next thing I knew he was on the sidewalk with the bike on top of him. He got up and took off in a hurry, but I felt bad for him. All I saw as a badly scraped up knee and a lot of embarrassment.
4. Hey! It's October already! Yeah, I know I'm a day late on that. But, wow, like usual. I love October.
5. Don't hurt me, but I'm looking forward to snow. I'm not interested in Christmas yet. It's just the idea of snow.
6. I've decided Friday's will be "Feel Good Friday" on the blog until next summer when "Fiesta Friday" resumes. And I'm working on bringing "Tall Tale Tuesday" back. Honest.
7. Supernatural is on tonight. I'm so excited!
8. I should be working on my wip instead of writing this blog post.
9. It is very noisy in my neighborhood this morning.
10. I'm done now.


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

That Natalie is a pretty smart person.

Victoria said...

She sure is! :)