Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Why?

A list of why...
1. Why is it so cold?
2. Why is my dog acting like there are squirrels in the house? When she's outside, she barks like mad while watching the tree. When she's inside, she barks like mad and runs around the house.
3. Why are puppies such an effective bargaining chip? (we are NOT getting a puppy!)
4. Why do the stores already have Christmas items for sale?
5. Why is K2 trying to break her own texting record?
6. Why does no one in my house remember to pick up after themselves? What am I, the maid? (don't bother answering that!)
7. Why is it only the middle of the week?
8. Why is my cat claiming the dog's baby? (The dog has a stuffed pig that's her baby. She carries it around with her and sleeps with it. If you tell her to put her baby to bed, she takes it and shoves it into the couch.) Now the cat is carrying it around and biting it.
9. Why is this list so stupid?
Okay...gonna stop there before I start complaining about being cold again.

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