Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat

Tonight is our Trick or Treat night in our town.
Which means around 6 p.m., the streets will fill with costumed candy hunters of all ages. There's supposed to be an age limit on who should go door to door and beg for treats, but I've never denied candy to anyone who appears to be over the age. The kids are always respectful and it's fun to see how they dress up.
We'll have a crew here. A crew to head out and ring doorbells and a crew to sit on the porch and dole out candy. My folks don't get any trick or treaters at their house, so they come here to watch the festivities. B's Mom comes up too. She lives right behind us, but since no one realizes there's actually a front door there, she gets no one either.
Now it's homework time - both K3 and K4 have quite a bit to complete before it's time to head out. And then there's the costumes to assemble, dinner to eat, pictures to know the drill. K2 is going out, though she has no idea what she's dressing as. K3 has decided to be a Sith Lord from Star Wars. K4 will be a cat tonight.
*I started this post over an hour ago. During that time, my brother has come to change and head off to college. Various children and other adults have arrived. My folks aren't coming now because my mom's not feeling well and make up is being applied, teeth are being adjusted, and costumes are in the finishing stages. It's much, much calmer now than it was even ten minutes ago.
All I have to say is the chaos better be done before Supernatural comes on!

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