Friday, June 02, 2017

Feel Good Friday?

I still feel like utter hell...

K4 and I were home today. We did the doctor. We were told it's allergies... Ha!

Take some Claritin or Zyrtec regularly. You're not actually dying. You're fine. Ha! They gave the kid some stuff to gargle for her very super sore throat. It doesn't work, despite the pharmacist warning me about how she could burn herself, or bite her tongue because of the numbing effect. Also, HA!

She's a mess. She's still running a fever. I am, too. I never knew you could do the fever thing with allergies? We did a lot of sleeping today. And watched a lot of The Office. And talked about eating stuff, but never actually did that. I'm not sure when either of us have actually eaten real food. Maybe Wednesday? I picked up the prescription and bought a lot of popsicles. That was the best thing I did all day. Though neither of us have eaten a popsicle yet.

We will see if the doctor gets called over the weekend. K4 is an absolute mess. Her throat, if possible, is even sorer after her negative strep test. (She said the tech "stabbed her in the throat", but that's not why she hurts)

I hated missing work. A lot, but since I didn't have the cognitive awareness to even think about tying my shoes or doing more than letting the dog out to do her business, it was for the best. I slept. A lot. It was good, but I'm still exhausted. My boss was super cool about me calling out today. She knows I would never call off unless I am dying...

My writing meeting is tomorrow. I am to be the "pitch wrangler". I hope I can fulfill my obligation! My voice is super bad. I sound like a chain-smoking grandma, complete with the cough. Oy! I am planning on making it and then to K5's performance in the evening. I know it won't be a late night, because I just can't. I seriously hope I feel better tomorrow. Seriously.

I'd better!


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