Thursday, June 08, 2017

Thursday... Almost There...

Hi Thursday!

I love the promise of Friday coming in just a few hours.
I love the "let's go, weekend" mentality that arrived right around 5pm today.
I don't, however, love the fact that I still have one day to work... And get up early and stuff...
I love how That Man did some grocery shopping on his way home.
And also that he had dinner taken care of when I got home.
I love kicking back on the porch with the family...
Also, I love that our plans for the weekend include yard and house work and editing, but not much else... Nice.


As I'm on my way home tonight, I'm talking to K2 on the phone. (Our new little man is due anytime now!! Yay!) I get a text from That Man about having kittens in the yard. Of course, I'm confused. I tell K2 and she thinks I said "chickens". LOL Finally get home to see some super adorable kittens living in our yard... Strays. Momma is there, taking care of them. We didn't even know they were there, though we've seen the momma in the yard a few times and we've heard meowing, but not "kitten" meowing. There are definitely four kittens, maybe five... We have no idea what's going to happen. I have a contact with a local adoption center and I've contacted them to see what we can do... We already have three cats or I would seriously consider keeping a few... But if there's an orange one, I make no promises... Ha!

Editing is going well. I'm down to the major stuff. Some of the things are easy and some I've been thinking about since the edits came... My goal is to return them by Sunday and I think that's logical.

Other than that... I'm one day away from having my very last high school senior. My baby will graduate this time next year. After so many years with kids in school, this is super hard to wrap my head around. I've had kids in school for 23 years... Wrap your head around that one. I know I can't...

That's all.


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