Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays!

This will probably be my last post until Tuesday. Maybe.
K1 did make it to school today. He stayed on the couch all day yesterday, sleeping, but by last night was up and foaming at the mouth to get out of here. Needless to say, he didn't go. Except out on the front porch with no shoes. We made him come back inside, much to his disagreement that it was a bad idea to run around with no shoes and no coat after spending 3 days insisting he was a cadaver. Not so worried about mono right now. Obviously.
K4 shares her birthday with Christmas. I will always remember the Christmas she was born. From the hurried trip to the hospital - total time of labor = 1 hour. To the fact that the older kids didn't want Santa to come if Mommy wasn't home. Their selflessness is something I'll always cherish - the brave front they put on that had me in tears and demanding to go home the next morning, the shock and surprise on their faces when we arrived back home from the hospital and they realized Santa kept his promise and came while they were picking us up.
The other thing you have to know is that K4 was unplanned. In fact, I was scheduled for a tubal. We'd tried so hard to concieve the other 3, and truly thought we were done. Obviously, that decision wasn't ours to make. She's a true gift and our Christmas angel. And I cannot imagine life without her.
On that mushy note, I hope the holidays bring you peace, joy and happiness.

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