Sunday, December 17, 2006

What I've been up to...

There it is.
Probably as crafty as I get. And the picture definitely isn't the best, but that's what I get for just snapping without any thought to lighting and my position.
We (my sister and a friend) started making these about 9 years ago. This is my version. The mittens are a new addition this time around. A fantastic suggestion by K4. Once everyone I knew at the time had one, I stopped painting them. This year, B was looking for something special for a good friend of his and tried to pilfer the ones I kept for myself. So, I offered to paint one for him. One turned into many, as I realized there are a few people that didn't own a snowman.
Like I said, this is probably as crafty as I get. I can't crochet, needlepoint and barely sew. We were running late for a function the other night when B realized his shirt was missing a button. He still needed to shower so I offered to sew the button on for him. You should have seen his face - it was like he thought aliens had abducted his non-sewing wife. Don't get me wrong, I would love to be one of those women who can create beautiful things on a whim, but that's just not me.
No wait. I would rather use all my creativity on writing - that's what I hope to be a beautiful thing. I can live without being able to make topiaries and floral centerpieces, but I can't live without the words and stories that are inside of me.
And I'm perfectly happy with that.

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