Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Random Things

In my bathroom:
A whole stack of "Barbie" books. Not just a few, a big stack. I don't know why.
The movie "V for Vendetta". That's a big why.

The Christmas Tree:
Our cat seems to think we put the pine branches up for his specific pleasure. Every morning, every time we leave the house, ornaments are strewn from one side of the living room to the other. The tree skirt is in a pile and he just sits there looking all royal and indignant. His new favorite spot is on the couch right next to the tree. He's waiting for us to leave so he can play. So far, 2 broken ornaments.

The dining room table:
I can't find it. There are two different projects covering the top, and a package of liquid bandage. One mine - not writing - I'll post a picture once I finish them. One B's - I'm not exactly sure what he's making. I ask him but he just mutters noncommittally. Last night, he sliced his finger open. A pretty good cut, not quite enough for stitches, but close. (Reason for the liquid bandage)

The shopping:
Mom and I went all morning yesterday. I'm close to finishing. There's just those few items I can't seem to locate. Oh, and the wrapping. I haven't done any yet. Last year, we were so behind we had K1 help. I think that started a tradition because he's already said he can't wait to help us again. I'm cool with that. We had a good time last year and the help was excellent.

The cookies:
Pretty funny to talk about making cookies when our oven is still defunct. That's one benefit of having B's mom living so close. We make the batter and then take them down to her place to bake. (Actually, B's the one making the batter.) It's working well so far. (And no, having my mother-in-law practically in my backyard does not cause problems. We have a great relationship.)

The writing:
Didn't do anything yesterday. Between my crafty project and shopping, I never got there. Today is a writing day. Tomorrow too. I've already met the monthly and yearly goals we set in my writer's group, but have a few personal ones to attend to before the end of the year.

The excitement:
K4's birthday is Christmas Day. You can imagine. She doesn't know what to be more excited about. So far, we've done well separating the two. We do birthday celebrating in the evening, with no Christmas paper on birthday presents and she chooses what we have for dinner. We've had some interesting things - from spaghetti to lasagna. This year she's picked grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and corn. And a homemade ice cream cake. This morning she asked me how many days until her birthday, immediately followed by asking how many days until Christmas. Even K1 is in on the excitement. He's constantly asking me about his presents, trying to finagle enough clues to figure out what he's getting.

And I'm not telling...

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