Friday, December 29, 2006


Okay, so it's not really my fault! My sister did it, but I should have remembered what she did.
This morning, I get my daily morning email from my mom. In the note, she asks if K1 is missing a pair of socks. Then tells me she found said socks...In the freezer.
On Christmas Eve, K1 crawled under the table and proceeded to poke, pinch and harass anyone who happened to be sitting there. Why? Who knows. It probably had something to do with the almost glow-in-the-dark, flamingo pink color he dyed his hair - maybe certain brain cells died in the process. Or maybe he only sought an escape from the chaos of the 22 people crammed in my parent's house. A. took his socks off his feet and shoved them in the freezer. Except, the kid is so whacked he never noticed his socks were missing so the whole frenzy of "Where are my socks?" never happened and we forgot.
I don't know why Mom's surprised. Really. It's not like this was an isolated event. These things, and weirder ones, happen often when we're all together. I imagine it's different when you find a pair of teenagers socks in your freezer though. I mean, really, you do have to wonder if the germs were all killed by the cold or if thousands, maybe millions, of tiny teenaged germs are now roaming around the food you thought you were protecting. I would be scared. Who knows the last time those socks saw the inside of the washing machine? (K1 does his own laundry.) A. didn't break out with any horrible rashes though, so that has to count for something.
This is where that childhood phrase "I didn't do it!" comes in handy!

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