Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Already Wednesday

This has been a weird week so far.
Weird, but not necessarily bad. This morning I turned off my alarm because I thought it was Saturday. I've got the same kid who woke me with bodily fluids last week now dealing with upper respiratory symptoms. But even with it being an odd week, there's still not much to report. My truck had it's yearly physical and is now sporting some brand new shoes, which is good because it's snowing it's tail off here at the moment. Probably not enough to even delay school tomorrow, but we'll see.
What else? Well, not much. Writing, chaos, more writing, more get the picture.
Speaking of pictures...I realize I haven't posted any on here for a little while. I did promise you one of our totem pole, but that might have to wait until we re-secure it. You kind of don't get the proper effect the way it looks now. I'll see what I can do in the photo department soon. When it's not snowing, there's not much pretty to take pictures of (unless you want to see the mud in my backyard), and if I do see something, I usually don't have my camera with me.
Does anyone else think time is moving rather fast so far this year? In a little over a week, we'll be in another brand new month, and spring will be just around the corner. Yikes!
Okay. Enough rambling for mid-week!

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