Sunday, February 24, 2008


And here's the cliff the cabin sits on. This is to the left, but you get the idea. Below is the creek. I'm not sure I have one that shows the drop, but I'll look.
I have a few more cabin pictures, after that...who knows.
We spent the day at our old neighbors from when we lived in the sticks. We haven't really seen these people in fourteen years except for a handful of times. Recently, we reconnected with them and decided to head up there to spend some time.
The kids had a blast running around the farm - baby goats, little, fuzzy baby chickens, cows, horses and bigger goats. The only thing they said they didn't like was the smell in the barn. It was wonderful to be welcomed like no time had passed. There were no awkward silences, or continuous checking of the time to see if we'd been there long enough to leave. In fact, we left an hour after we'd planned to, and even then, we could have stayed longer. We'll definitely be going back and spending more time.
That was my day. My shoes are muddy. I have mud on the back of my pants from the goats and there's a vague odor of cow on my coat, but what a good day.
I hope your weekend was good. Even if you don't smell like cow.

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