Thursday, February 28, 2008

Will It Ever End?

I bet you're asking yourself that right about now...
This is the last one...okay, maybe.
Taken from a small ledge on the drop off looking up. Very cool place to stand, unless you're afraid of heights, then I don't recommend it.
What I love about this is the huge windows that face the creek below. Do you really think a nasty old guy would care if he could see the beauty of the water below? I prefer to think this was originally built as a starter home until the young couple could build their dream home on the surrounding property. Tragedy happened and the wife died, leaving him alone in the place that was to be the start of a beautiful future together.
Of course, that's just my thinking. I'll have to try to find out what really happened.
Come to think of it, I do have one more picture that shows the creek below. Since no one's yelling about my choice of posts yet, I'll see what I can do about putting it up tomorrow.
Oh, and I have a short list of irritations today: It's cold. My computer is really stinking slow. It's really bitterly cold here.
That's all.

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