Friday, February 22, 2008

A Cabin Story, Part 2

The front of the cabin. I know it's kind of hard to see. I couldn't seem to brighten it. Under that window on the bottom there's a wooden work bench. Bits of paper, wood, and clothing litter the top. The front door is to the left of the window. The window at the top is a loft where the clothing hangs and the sleeping area. There's a ladder to get there, which I'll show you tomorrow. I had a dream about this cabin last night, though now I can only remember vague images.
The kids are off school today thanks to winter weather. There's a lot of noise in my house and a fair amount of clowing around. The weather totally blew my plans for today and that makes me sad. But I did get to sleep in, and have already taken care of much on my 'to do' list.
Supernatural was awesome last night. Hendrickson's turn around was very well done. His death was sad, but I had a feeling that was going to happen. The creepy little girl with the white eyes at the end, however, was absolutely nothing I expected. Oh, and Sam and Dean's tattoo's...yeah...pretty darn nice. And I know I say it every week, but I loved the whole thing.
I'm sad we have to wait so long for a new episode. But I converted a friend into fandom. She called me after it was over last night to tell me how much she loved it. That's always a cool thing.
I'm off to contemplate the possibility of shoveling snow...
Enjoy the weekend!

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