Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Cabin Story

I totally forgot I had this picture to share. There are several more I'll put up in the days to come, but isn't this the coolest thing?
This little cabin, and yes, someone did live there, is near my sisters house. Actually, it's located on some property B and I would love to someday own. The view of the creek is spectacular and I have visions of a pretty house on the ledge with a deck overlooking the creek.
Inside, you'll find the remnants of someone's life. Clothing hangs from the rafters, books cover the tilted and unstable floor, Christmas decorations spill out of mostly decomposed boxes, and dishes are strewn both inside and out. I'm not sure what happened to the person who used to live here, only that they haven't lived in the cabin for quite a while. See that tree? It's the only thing keeping it from tumbling down the embankment. How cool is that? It's impossible to go inside (though I won't tell you who did!). This is the view from the back. I'll show you the front, the cliff, and the creepiest Christmas ornament another day. Even the woods surrounding this old place seem to want to tell a story. I'm in awe every time we walk the land, and I always want to stay.
We hiked here when my cousin was in, then trekked through the woods, before ending up at the creek. I hiked back then, while most everyone else went up yet another cliff, but only because I wasn't dressed for hiking and had given my sister-in-law my gloves because she didn't have a coat.
More winter weather is supposedly on the way. Probably enough to totally screw up my fun plans for tomorrow, and force me to the grocery store today with the rest of the population of our town. Not fun.
Don't forget...New Supernatural tonight...unfortunately, also the last new Supernatural for several weeks. I won't miss it. You shouldn't either!!

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