Friday, December 04, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Yes, it's late. Trust me, I know. I just now took my shoes off after having them on since 6am. I've been running all day, but I'm home...I desperately need a shower (I am covered with drywall dust after helping my parents sand their foyer), but I am home. Now if the rest of my family would just arrive. Yes, it has been one of those days.
Here's the list:
1. Tomorrow's holiday party with my writing friends. Always a good time.
2. Shiny new calendars.
3. The Christmas tree tied to the top of my 'burban. (cause maybe it'll help me finally find my holiday spirit) (and yes, it'll probably stay there until tomorrow night because tomorrow is just as busy as today.)
4. Being able to sleep in a little tomorrow.
5. SNOW being in the forecast!
6. My youngest being able to put a bad day into perspective and being able to discuss it with a maturity beyond her years. (and boo on rude substitute teachers who continually call my baby girl "Sir". She doesn't even remotely look like a boy, even with her short hair. grrrr)
7. The 8-hour battery on the shiny new red laptop. I am digging being unplugged.
8. My family and friends coming in for Christmas!
9. The weekend, because I really need it.
10. Knowing that even though sometimes things look dark and gray, there are people who are always willing to wrap me in bubble wrap to protect me from the storms of life.
And that is all for now!

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