Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tall Tale Tuesday

I was out and about in the freezing cold and horrid wind today. Stimulating the economy. Well, actually the K's were. They had Christmas cash and gift cards, and birthday money burning holes in their pockets.
Saw some interesting things. Which of the below is false: (and all of these occurred at the same mega-conglomerate who shall not be named.)
1. Guy in a wheelchair with one foot bandaged. The bandage was leaking blood all over the floor. I almost vomited. No kidding.
2. There were no Snuggies to be found. Both girls wanted to buy themselves them. We searched all through the store and they were gone! No Leopard or Zebra print anywhere. Sad.
3. Guy wearing plaid pants and a floral print Hawaiian shirt. Pretty.
Okay, so pick the lie. Unfortunately, my cell phone's memory was too full to snap off quick picks of any of these. I'm kind of sad about that. There's a website you can send those kind of photos to.
Answers tomorrow.


Ava Quinn said...

I'm really hoping it's #1

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I haven't looked at the answers yet. I'm thinking it's #2, because those things were SO ubiquitous a week ago...though I never saw any zebra print ones.

And honestly? Boscov's and Bed Bath and Beyond have the same thing in FAR nicer materials and manufacture. I began to want one. Asked. Didn't get. :(

Victoria said...

My niece got a zebra print one. She brought it over Christmas Day which is why my girls decided they wanted one.
Sorry you didn't get! :( Honestly, I'd love one in the material of this blanket K4 got - all fuzzy and snuggly. But...