Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Here we go with the answers!
1. What are little fires or candles in paper bags called? Luminaries
2. Name one of the two most famous tree toppers? Angel or Star.
3. What is the Little Drummer Boy's name: Arthur or Aaron? Aaron.
4. What carol was so popular that it appeared in a composition by Mozart and contains an often repeated nonsense word? Deck the Halls.
5. What Saturday Evening Post artist was known for his whimsical pictures of Santa Claus? Norman Rockwell.
6. Who breaks Clara's nutcracker: a mouse or her brother? Her brother, Fritz.
7. Is the city of Christmas Cove in Maine or Wisconsin? Maine.
8. Did Jim Carrey star in Home Alone? No.
9. True or false, there is a weed called the Christmas weed? False. (I liked Ava's answer better!)
10. What is Frosty's nose made of? A button.
Kudos to Ava for 9/10!!
Hope you're all getting your holiday stuff done. I'm not, despite how hard I'm trying!