Thursday, August 26, 2010

Caution Tape...

As the days of my employment wind down, so has my ability to remain serious. Last week I fashioned a paper clip man sitting in a recliner complete with beer cans strewn around him. Yesterday, I caution taped the entire area - the chair, the computer, the keyboard, the switchboard. And I put traffic cones at the end of the desk, telling anyone who asked that it was dangerous behind my desk. I'm sure they all think I've gone crazy, and I'm not sure I haven't.
School starts on Monday. I'm not sure any of us are ready. I know I'm not ready for the outlay of cash in shoes and supplies, especially considering the vehicle disasters going on here right now. I'm not ready for the routine yet either. We're getting in one more sleepover rotation this week, though it seriously cuts into the bedtime routine we've been working to re-establish.
Speaking of vehicle disasters...
My truck has some problem - several actually - but something is draining the battery. B spent all evening last night trying to pinpoint the drain to no avail. Hopefully he has better luck today. In the meantime, I've been driving his mom's car since she's still in rehab. On my way home yesterday it started making this horrible racket and the alternator light came on. Well...yeah, you guessed it. Her alternator is broken. Not just dead, broken. I think it's me. Whatever car I touch breaks. Which is bad considering I'm driving B's car today.
And that is all for now.


Ava Quinn said...

Pictures! I want pictures of beer can clip man. And your quadranted off desk.

All your cars refuse to take you anywhere because they know that subconsciously you want to use them to bash, ram, run over and all around mangle zombies. They're either too frightened or too girlie and have a squickiness factor that had been previously overlooked. You may need to get them a car therapist instead of a mechanic.

Victoria said...

I think I have a picture of clip man, but none of the caution tape!
You might be right about the car therapist. I will check into that! lol I highly doubt my truck is too girly though, but maybe it's just afraid of zombies. Hmmmm....