Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snippet Tuesday

So I've been working hard these past two days. Being alone is productive, but I still have a way to go. Since my brain is focused on whipping this book into shape, I've got nothing even semi-coherent to blog about. (Except! Holy crap! It's the last day of August!) Let's do snippets...
(This is the contemporary Frankenstein book set near the Appalachian Trail.) (And remember, I'm still editing...)

"Porter came out of the bathroom as she stuck her head into his room. He wore only a towel, slung low around his hips. Her mouth went dry and her knees wobbled a little. He stopped, looking uncertain until she stepped into the room. Maybe it was a mistake, but their time was so limited and he’d become nothing more than a memory once this was over. He grinned and dropped the towel."

And one more from the hero's point of view.

"He’d thought being away from Sage would help clear his head and help him put whatever was between them into some kind of perspective, but his gut twisted into an anxious knot. He wanted to get back to her, needed to get back to her. He’d gone against his own rule and at this moment, he couldn't care less. If Sage died, it would be because whatever hunted her was unstoppable, not because he hadn’t done his job. He took a deep breath and tried to push away the feeling of dread and concentrate on what the bartender was saying."

So there you have it.


sailorcross said...

I can't wait until this book comes out, and then I will own two Victoria Smith autographed originals!!


Ava Quinn said...

Nice! I really liked the unstoppable line.