Saturday, August 14, 2010

Storm Troopers!

There were Storm Troopers at the booksigning today!
Storm Troopers!
(Yes, I'm a geek) (More pictures later)
As you can see, as usual, Misty got herself into a little bit of trouble. They even handcuffed her, (it was necessary, trust me) but they finally let her go, which was good since she was my ride.
I had a lot of fun - sold a couple of books, talked to a bunch of great authors, networked future possible speakers for meetings, and hung out with the bff's. Met Byron Morrison who is Misty's male counterpart. (I laughed so hard) Didn't get a chance to buy his book, but he writes right up my alley so I'm looking forward to being able to read his work. You should check him out. I also met Jannette Kortman, an author and breast cancer survivor. She was very nice and we had really good conversation. And, bonus, she didn't run away screaming after being seated next to us. Go check her out and buy her book. As usual, Heather and the great folks at Waldenbooks treated us all like royalty. 20% of the proceeds were being donated to the library and we did better than last year from what I've heard so far.
I came home to fresh cornbread and bean soup (Yes, I put it in the crockpot before I left this morning, but K2 made the cornbread), and once the rest of the family returns from various errands we will be playing a knock-down-drag-out version of Monopoly. Be jealous. Ha!
All in all a very good Saturday!


Misty said...

Yeehaw! I had the best time. Love me some Byron! And spending time with you guys :) I'm going to post other pics as soon as I get them from Natalie! LOL!

Why must I type grailitr? Who comes up with these WV codes?

Ava Quinn said...

Sounds awesome! Isn't that one a little short to be a storm trooper? Glad you guys had fun!