Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Survival: Year Two: Entry Six

We are under siege!
This morning I surveyed our cooking area with utter shock. Mess does not even begin to describe the filth and disgust I discovered. I, again, cannot help but wonder what goes on while I am otherwise occupied. How does an entire storage container of drinking devices become empty in just a few short hours? For that matter, how does the cold storage become empty so quickly? I just filled it!
I stood there with the cold storage door open, looking for the spice for my morning caffeinated beverage, and nearly fell over. There is nothing left except a few jars of pickled things and condiments besides the ground pork gravy that ended up being a huge culinary mistake. And the lid was even off of that! Like someone had decided to give the poor gravy another shot and, once again, found it to be lacking as they emptied the rest of the contents of the storage box. There are a few spills, brown puddles of stickiness and a dried up carrot near the back, oh, and a bag of shredded cheese with only a few tiny pieces of cheddar left. I am perplexed.
As I was considering how this happened, I took the time to sanitize the eating utensils and dishes. Which is, technically, not my job, but I took pity on the native who was assigned this task because it was monumental after last night's burnt offering. And yes, they should have been done before the sun went down, but there were other things that took precedence, and well, whatever. Anyway. My back was turned since I was near the water and when I turned around again, there were more dishes on the counter. And empty boxes of morning sustenance. And the bovine juice that had somehow gotten out of the cold storage without my knowledge. And I scratch my head. I call for the natives to remove the debris, watch them as they do, and then go back to work. And...believe it or not, when I turned around again, there was more.
How does this happen? I believe we are under attack by a wild band of starving natives. That is the only answer. There is no way the natives that inhabit this camp with me could possibly consume that much.
Is there?
I must watch this. It is, perhaps, time to bring out the monitoring devices once again.

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