Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Lists...

So, yeah, I'm trying to get organized for this Christmas thing that's going down next week. My holiday spirit meter is at 0.003.56% now. That's something. I guess. Right?
I still haven't shopped, but I have collected lists from 3 of the K's. They know it's a tight year, so they were very easy on me with their wants - for the most part.
But I also got things like this:
K2 wants a pony. Her reasoning is that she never asked for one when she was little. And she promises to wash him and feed him and pick up his poop. She also wants Wellies.
K3's list has about sixty video games on it. His system is older, so the games are cheaper, but sixty? He also made me a sensible column with things like socks and undies and an xbox 360. ?
K4 would like Elvis, the Beatles, and a dolphin. In her serious column, she asked for a hermit crab, but not one purchased from a hobo. (Exact words: don't get it from a hobo)
It makes me shake my head. And laugh. And feel a little bit better about that Christmas thing that's going down next week. It's the reason my spirit meter climbed a little. Now if I could only get it all done in time.
On a side note: B has to take cookies to work tomorrow for their Holiday lunch. Of course we had none made, so we're still working on it tonight, but we found the absolute best Oatmeal Raisin recipe on Pioneer Woman's website. I hate raisins and I love these cookies. They're fantastic and I will be making them again very soon.
That is all.


Megan Hart said...

consider that video game rental's like Netflix, but for video games. A few months of that is probably cheaper than laying out the dough for all the games, and he can keep them as long as he wants, return them, get others. I did it for awhile to check out games in advance of purchasing, etc.

Victoria said...

Awesome! Thanks. I'll check it out!