Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday

Okay...So which of these things actually happened over the past week:
1. My transmission finally crapped out in my 'burban.
2. The neighbor's dog chewed a hole in three of my trash cans.
3. I hit a cat right in front of my house. He didn't make it and I'm still crying over it.
4. The cat pooped in K4's bedroom after accidentally getting trapped inside.
5. I went to leave Christmas Eve only to find I had a flat tire and my spare was also flat.
6. The Christmas tree was nothing more than some dried needles and sticks by Christmas day.
7. The dog ate the ninja/zombie gingerbread cookie mess before I could get a decent picture.
8. ...and then she puked into the furnace grate.
I'm discombobulated so I'll stop now. True or False. There are some of each.

1 comment:

Ava Quinn said...

I have to say that I'm actually afraid to see the answers to these. I hope they're all false!

Let's get this 2010 over with already!!