Sunday, December 05, 2010

Random Sunday

It's been a long weekend around here.
*Friday I said goodbye to my dear friend. The services were long and packed and it was about as horrible as you can get. I will miss her forever.
*Saturday was the holiday party for my writing group. That was a blast. Laughing, talking, and eating. Though, the eating part is kind of lost on me right now since I can't taste or smell yet.
*I came home from that to find my new/old dryer hooked up. Yay! The furnace finally with fire. Also Yay! And the house nearly clean. Also Yay!
*Dinner with very good friends Saturday night. We had a blast and it was so good just to sit and talk with them. The kids also had a blast, though they deconstructed the kitchen. And again with the smell/taste thing, but hey, it keeps me from overeating.
*The flu has struck again. Now K3 has it. Fever, aches...he's a mess.
*It's cold out! Holy chilling wind, Batman! I'm very glad I finished my running for today.
*Homemade chicken rice soup for dinner. And warm crusty french bread. Like I can taste it, but occasionally I get a little whiff of smell and I like it.
The laundry's nearly caught up. The house is warm. And even though it's kind of been a rough weekend, it's been kind of good, too.
And I'll take it.

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