Saturday, December 25, 2010

Feel Good Friday - The Christmas Edition...

It just occurred to me that yesterday was Friday and I totally missed Feel Good Friday...
So...Now Feel Good Friday includes Saturday and Christmas and here we go...
1. My baby girl and her birthday. Though I don't know how she can be 11 when I'm still the same age I was when I had her 21 year old brother.
2. A fun Christmas Eve with good friends and family. Yay for surprise visits and backporch rapping Christmas songs. Oh wait...what happens on the backporch stays on the backporch. Ha!
3. Breakfast for dinner for the birthday and chocolate cake.
4. The kids being happy with their Christmas booty. (until the Great Cat Poop incident of 2010 - more on that later)
5. Getting to see my granddaughter this morning and having her reach for me.
6. The complete and utter mess that is my house right now because it means everyone had a good day.
7. K2 having her bff over for the night and their laughter.
8. Dr. Who Christmas Special.
9. Snow in the forecast.
10. The job I start on Monday.
More tomorrow...where we'll discuss cat poop, my flat tire, and the potential for snow...

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