Friday, December 10, 2010

What If...

I'm doing research on my next book and my head is filled with "What If's" today. The book is going to be about zombies, but that's all I know right now. I had to take a break from my research because it's creeping me out a little. I need to filter the information I've already learned and figure out how to put my own twist on zombie lore. So I'm thinking...
And since my brain is in that mode, I will share them with you...
Things to ponder...
1. What if you were given a significant amount of money? Money that would solve all of your financial problems and ensure you would live a comfortable, easy life. But what if that gift came with stipulations that meant pain for your family and friends? Pain they would never know was a result of your gain. Would you still take the money even though your friends would never know their problems were related to your good fortune? Could you live with yourself?
2. What if you woke up one morning and were the only person around? Anywhere? Everyone is just gone. What would you do? Would you cry? Jump up and down with glee over the freedom?
3. What if there was a disaster in your hometown and your home was the only safe place left? What if you only had enough provisions for your family, but now people are knocking on your door seeking shelter and food? Would you let them in or turn them away? What if you knew that by helping them, everyone was sure to die? And then, what if you made the decision to not help and have to watch your neighbors and friends die from your safe windows?
4. What if you had to make a choice between saving your children or your parents? Your children or your spouse? What if you knew you could help so many more people if you didn't save your family? What would you do?
5. What if you knew exactly when the people around you would die? Would you tell them? Talk them out of the decisions that could lead to their death? Would you want anyone to know you knew?
6. What if you found out something huge that would have global impact on the world? I don't know how you found out, by accident for sure, maybe your toddler hit some weird kids on the computer and you ended up with a document that spelled out some sinister plan. What would you do? Who would believe you? And could you be silenced either by threat or pay off?
So there you have it. No, I don't expect you to answer the questions. I'm not sure anyone could answer them without facing the situations. These are the kind of questions that get my brain in gear for writing, even if they don't directly relate to the story I'm thinking about.
And I think I've overcome my momentary blank spot...
Feel Good Friday soon...after I get some of this stuff in my head written down.


Ava Quinn said...

And I thought Coke vs. Pepsi was tough. Dang.

Good luck with the new venture!!

Victoria said...

Thanks, Ava!