Friday, December 31, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Last Feel Good Friday of 2010...
Thank goodness...
1. Hey, it's the last Feel Good Friday of 2010...HA!
2. Hanging with the husband all day. Nice.
3. Good phone conversations.
4. Having today off.
5. Sleeping in.
6. Looking forward to a routine.
7. Looking forward to starting the zombie book.
8. Good dinners.
9. 2011 - Hey, and as it turns out 2011 is much easier to type than 2010. Maybe that's a sign. ?
10. Two more days until Monday rolls around, though I have to say...I really miss new Supernatural!!
And there you have it...I do have to say, I'm missing hanging out with the family and friends tonight.
Happy 2011 to you and yours. I hope this new decade is everything you want it to be and more...

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