Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Year in Review...

A little early, but in my mind 2010 is officially over...
January: Lots of random stuff, beach retreat with the bff's. Snow. Blogger awards. Motivated and hopeful for the coming year.
February: More snow. Another blog award. B's parents being hospitalized. Random.
March: Ugly spider pictures, the passing of B's dad, family gatherings, kid tattoo's, another blog award, school projects. Roadtripping to see Jason Mann's.
April: The grandmother announcement, retreat shopping, booksigning, the beginning of the stink bug invasion, doctor visits for K3's nosebleeds. Random.
May: Retreat! Camping. Birthdays. Gnomes.
June: Graduation. Knee surgery. K5's birth. Epic bridal shower and birthday party. Summer Survival. Heat exhaustion. Graduation party. Surprise birthday party for my sis. Street Fairs. Baby showers.
July: Camping. My sister's spider bite. New baby cuddles. Ambulance calling. Gnomes. Movie week. Jason Manns roadtrip. Summer Survival. Trying to stay positive.
August: Summer Survival. The end of my job. The end of summer vacation. Off to college. Lots of random. Booksignings. Summer recap.
September: Camping. Stink bugs. Birthday season. New games. Summer Survival. Random nonsense.
October: Stink bug violation. Surprise kid visits. Awesome weddings. Family visits. Busted stuff. Ghost stories. Halloween. Birthdays.
November: More busted stuff. More random. Birthdays. The death of my very dear friend. Complaining about 2010. More stink bugs. Thanksgiving. Hanging with friends. Lack of focus. Gnomes. Birthday partying.
December: Hating on 2010. The flu. Random videos. No holiday spirit. Brain vacations. What if.

And that's it. Of course there's an obscene amount of random silly nonsense throughout, and Supernatural posts, too. No, I didn't post about every craptastic event that happened around here this year, but trust me when I say good riddance to 2010! And of course, I will update accordingly if anything significant happens in these last two weeks.


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