Wednesday, December 08, 2010


1. My brother-in-law sprayed no stick spray into his mouth just to see what it would taste like. (maybe waffles?) True. And it didn't taste like waffles.
2. Our hot water heater choked while doing dishes after the Thanksgiving meal. It was a quick fix, but seriously? Nope. Though that did happen during our very first Thanksgiving. It wasn't an easy fix.
3. The new/old washer had a leak. We discovered this after it dumped gallons of soapy water onto the basement floor. Partially true. It had/has a leak, but it only leaks teaspoons, not gallons.
4. Minutes after having a discussion about how terminal my 'burban is, the exhaust completely fell of B's car. True. We laughed, because what else could we do?
5. In a twenty-four hour period, K4 lost two teeth. Also true.
6. At one point over the holiday, we had seven dogs inside our house. I felt like "A Christmas Story" come to life. Nah. It was only three, but they were big dogs.
7. Someone stole a bin of deer meat off our backporch. One of the guy's at B's work gave it to him and we stored it outside in the sub-zero temps until we could get it divided up into freezer bags. When I went out this morning, it was gone. Nah. It was gone, but B had put the meat in the fridge.
8. I found a pie pan and fork in the bathroom. Hidden in the laundry hamper. Partially true. I found a paper plate and fork, but they weren't hidden. Someone was eating pie in the bathroom.
9. The last two mornings, I have found very small stink bugs in my bedroom...watching me... True. Creepy little buggers...
10. I made an appointment with the cable guy while I was sick and had no memory of it. True. He wanted me to change to the old company (that I hated). I told him to come back just to get rid of him because I wasn't coherent enough to remember how bad they sucked. I didn't remember until about fifteen minutes before he was supposed to show. He never came.
So there you have it.

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