Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shopping Saturday

...... We'll be putting our tree up (finally) later today. K2 insisted we wait until she came home for Christmas break. Given my lack of holiday spirit, it wasn't hard to wait. And, yeah, the Holiday Spirit Meter has risen enough that I'm almost looking forward to getting the green thing up. (Holiday Spirit Meter is at 20.879% now)
I even did some shopping today. I didn't finish. In fact, this was my first foray into the retail world and I still need to consider K4's birthday gift. The store wasn't as bad as I expected...until I got to the checkout. I managed to find some cool things though. I even found a parking space near the front of the lot, which is also pretty amazing.
Plans for Christmas Eve and day are coming together and there will be egg nog drinking and A Charlie Brown Christmas playing in my home this evening. I guess that means I'm getting there.
I do expect the Holiday Spirit Meter to rise later on today.

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Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Glad your meter is inching up there. Mine is maybe double yours. Too many things going on between now and Christmas Eve for me to really look forward to it yet. I could use a snow day from work.