Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Quick One

Mid-week slump.
Not that I've had wonderfully exciting things to say this week.
I have this gargoyle. He's very cute as far as gargoyle's go. He was a gift and is supposed to be my muse for the darker stories.
And now he's broken into about 4 different pieces.
(We're not going to talk about how one of the K's broke it...darn it)
I'm sad. And kind of scared in a superstitious way - not that I'm prone to superstition. I'm not, but should I be?
I'm pretty sure he can be fixed - like the Bionic man - faster, stronger, better...
Birthday shout out again. This time to my niece. She's 11 today. Her and K3 were due 1 day apart and they ended up with birthdays 10 days apart. My sister and I wanted them both to come on Halloween, but K3 came early and S came late.
That's all...


Jacki King said...

Good luck rebuilding him...some things need more than a band aid!


Victoria said...

He definitely needs more than a band aid. More like major surgery...He will be my Lee Majors though.
...if I can find the super glue...