Friday, November 16, 2007


on Supernatural.
(If you don't watch it, you'll probably find this boring and confusing. Of course, the same could be true if you do watch it!)
I'm not a fan of Gordon. The character, not the guy who plays him. The actor does a fantastic job creating someone I can't stand, but can't turn away from. He's just so...creepy and evil, though he thinks he's doing good work. Gordon has made no secret of the fact he thinks Sam is the Antichrist. We've seen this grow from the first episode featuring him. The last episode with Gordy had me cursing and hoping the storyline didn't take to long to come to fruition.
And I wasn't disappointed.
What better punishment than to turn a vampire hunter into the very thing he despises? He was even more evil as a vamp, but very clear about how his story would end. I felt sorry for him.
Sam and Dean and oh my gosh!!
And Dean threatening Bella and the look on his face when he said it. And the look on his face when Sam told him he needed him to be his big brother. The dialogue between the brothers was wonderful as usual. "More like a Ninja." Ha!
Bella's an interesting character. I find myself liking her more every episode she's in. Even though she sold Sam and Dean out, she tried to redeem herself. Of course, a threat from Dean...Anyway. She's pretty complex and I really want to know what makes her tick. Which is a total about face for me since I really didn't like more than her interaction with Dean the first time we met her.
And oh...Sam and Dean...
No previews for next week due to the writer strike. I'm sad. If we have no new Sam and Dean, I'll be found watching Season 2, or hiding out at Nat's and re-watching the past few weeks she has on TiVo.
Gotta get me a TiVo.
(My back is still hurting. It was better, then I did way too much stuff today and I'm back to the heating pad. Grr...)
Have a great weekend! always...


Natalie Damschroder said...

*chastises you for overdoing*

No new show next week is technically for the holiday. They have 10-12 episodes they can air before running out, so we have 3-5 left. *sob* That's not a lot, so I expect more networks this year will be running reruns over the holidays than did it last year.

They go back in talks on the 26th! Cross your fingers!

Oh, and buy a box of pencils

Victoria said...

Wasn't thinking about the holiday! Dang it. I still want Supernatural every week!! :) It's torture without it!

Natalie Damschroder said...

I just discovered it's a repeat next week, too.

THAT depresses me. :(