Monday, June 08, 2009

The First Monday

...of summer vacation.
I heard "I'm bored" about two hours after they got home on Friday. Hopefully that's not an indication of how things are going to go around here. I'll admit, I'm a little worried. K2 has a ton of stuff going on this summer, but the rest really don't. We'll see...
Still without a working fridge. It's coming tonight. A used one, but apparently it's in good shape and it's free, so you can't really beat that. I don't care as long as it does what it's supposed to. I'm ready - hiking up and down the stairs is a chore - as is making sure the coolers have enough ice.
I'm still trying to figure out my summer writing schedule. I have options - editing/revising a project I really love and writing my new urban fantasy. Or work on both - which might be what happens. We'll see. It depends on what else we're doing.
No barking dogs this morning. But the neighbor did have tree trimmers pull in early enough to make me groan. They didn't really interfere with me sleeping in a little though, so I don't care.
Enough random for a Monday?
Yeah, I thought so.


Susan Kelley said...

I never understood that 'I'm bored' thing with kids. I guess we forget that as adults. I would so like some free time to get bored.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Me, too!

Luckily, I haven't gotten that yet. Stress, angst, joyful bell-playing, and friends over, but no boredom. I give it a week!

Victoria said...

I would like some free time to get bored, too!!
That was only the first day, though. I haven't heard it since, so there's hope for a few more days.
Ahhh....the joys of summer vacation.