Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Blog Tour

Since I have nothing much to say, go check out these blogs:
Megan Hart's newest release, Deeper, comes out July 1st. Head over to her blog to read an excerpt.
Natalie Damschroder is on vacation and falling down a lot.
Ava's a little behind on blogging thanks to volunteer activities, but her previous posts are good for a laugh.
Susan has posted her goals for the week. They're good ones, too. I'm wondering if that's something I should do here.
Natalie's post at The Gab Wagon, her multi-author blog, is relevant to anyone who's a member of RWA.
There's a Supernatural music contest over at Supernatural Sisters. Check in frequently for interesting posts from the site's authors. Even though the show's on hiatus, it's a good place to go for Supernatural related stuff.
Today should be Misty's day for a new post.
Vicky's blog was down when I wrote this, but maybe it's back up by now.
And, as always, check out the LOLcats and Fail blog on the sidebar for a good laugh.
I'm thinking about the public goal setting. If I decide to do that, I'll be back later!


Ava Quinn said...

Thanks for linking to me, Vicki!

Victoria said...

Sure thing!! :)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Hey, I didn't fall down a LOT. Just twice! In five minutes! LOL