Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dear Supernatural People,

I am writing to tell you how wonderful you are!
Even more wonderful than last week!
While I find wax museums to be about the creepiest thing ever (besides zombies), I was entranced. It looked easy - find the objects, torch them, and everything would be fine. Only I knew it wasn't going to be that simple. And I knew there was a "why" there, though I thought it would be linked to the apocalypse. Paris Hilton was the perfect choice and I loved that she took the role, though admittedly the media has not made me a fan. The fact that she wasn't "above" getting her head chopped off softened me towards her. I liked that it was a stand alone episode, but what I liked the most was the brothers.
Dean has been pretty douchey this season. I've been waiting for him to snap out of it. Waiting. Patiently. I was mad at him when he was on the phone and Sam walked in, but as one of my friends pointed out, we had no idea what he was going to say. He could have been talking about himself and transferring his own guilt and angst onto Sam. I didn't realize (forgot, or didn't know) anyone else knew he'd broken the first seal. I was waiting for him to own his participation in the coming of the apocalypse. I swear as soon as he apologized and eased up on Sam, his whole demeanor changed. And I loved it.
In the same vein, Sam has been a washrag so far this season. A hulking, beautiful washrag, but a mess all the same. No wonder. He did something very bad, but his intentions were noble. Even if getting there meant icky stuff I don't want to think about. Finally, he stood up for himself. Yay!
So, A+ Supernatural people. My faith is strengthened. I can't wait to continue the ride and see what happens next.
So, thank you.

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