Tuesday, October 20, 2009


(No Tall Tale Tuesday today.)
Last night I went with my bff's to see Jason Manns!
I know. Again? Whoot!!
Go to Megan's blog for a funny video with a clip of me stuck in my seatbelt. Her post is beautiful and made me all sniffly. The only thing I can add is: Ditto!
And...Do you still have the pictures of us in the chicken hats?
Another recap from Natalie can be found here. I won't link to Misty's blog since she hasn't updated in something like 3 months and it's very unlikely that she will, but if you want to check out her previous posts check the sidebar. I'm sure if she did update, she'd mention how she got accosted for change before the rest of us even got out of the car, and how she was approached a second time on our way to the venue. Oh, and she might tell you about "pink shirt", too.
I don't have much to add to what they said. We laughed so much. By the time I got home my voice was raspy and my throat was raw. Dinner was fun and by eating at the restaurant downstairs, we were guaranteed reserved seating upstairs. Right in front of the stage. The venue was small and nearly packed, and I have to say, Jason's a class act. He handled the comments and interruptions pleasantly. I cringed at a few things that happened, but he never seemed bothered.
It was a very, very good night!