Friday, July 09, 2010

Feel Good Friday

At some point this week, I re-found my positive outlook.'s the list:
1. My sister being at home. She's still on IV meds and has a visiting nurse, but at least she's in the comfort of her own home. With air conditioning.
2. Movie night with the family!
3. Talking to K2 for a long time last night. I miss her!
4. Holding my beautiful newborn granddaughter while her mommy got some sleep. She is precious.
5. K3 finally (finally!) holding his niece and his smile of pure love.
6. Eating peanut butter sandwiches in the car as the younger K's and I traveled all over the continent yesterday.
7. Decent writing days.
8. The weekend!
9. The minimally cooler temperatures. It's not much, but it is somewhat better.
10. Coming home to find all of the laundry washed, dried, and folded.
That is all for now.

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