Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Survival: Year Two: Entry Three

It has been a long week around the campfire.
The male members of our tribe went to other fires for the week, leaving the young native and I alone to tend to the duties and details of life in this camp. She and I have had the opportunity to bond, goof off, and do girlie things and it has been good. I appreciate her sense of humor and her love of frozen treats.
I, stupidly, thought this week would be perfect for me taking care of my own duties in addition to those of parenthood and bonding. I was wrong. Having one native at camp is far more taxing. It requires far more from me. Especially since said native is used to having other natives in residence. She has not been tolerant of my need to put words on the page, despite the deals I have made with her and the way I have spoiled her all week. Though I have been able to get a little done, it is not nearly as much as I had orginally hoped.
The males come home very soon - within the hour, I hope. I have missed them terribly. Have missed the chaos and their laughter and their faces. I had to opportunity to visit with them last evening and I swear the youngest male native has grown four inches and lost ten pounds. I have missed his smile and the smile of the man who lives here with me.
Though now I must face moutains of dirty, smelly, filthy laundry.
That is all for now!

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