Thursday, July 29, 2010

Roadtrip Thursday

Today, Simon and I took a roadtrip to visit a potential site for next year's retreat! It was a beautiful drive through mountains (and I mean through - tunnels are fun) and farms and tiny little towns. It was also a long drive, but when you talk the whole way you barely notice how long you've been on the road. Ha!
The potential site has turned into a definite site and we are thrilled with our new location. The staff there was so welcoming and fun. They were very busy with end of camp snafu's, but still took the time to give us a proper tour and never once made us feel rushed. The coordinator had already picked out a meeting room for us and after looking at it, we knew we'd found the right place. It's perfect. Beautiful views. Nice rooms. Plenty of places to write. It's got everything we need.
My only problem now is that I can't wait for the retreat!!

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