Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stupid Stuff

I've been working hard to get an agent for some time now. Crossing my i's, dotting my t's - doing my best to present a professional image and a quality product. I keep track of my submissions, follow agents through social media, frequently check blogs and websites to get a perspective of their status with queries and when I might possibly have a response and to try to gauge whether or not we'll be a good fit for a long term professional relationship. I am deadly serious about it and keep my spreadsheets and tracking calendar updated at all times.
And I have just horrified myself.
In checking around to update my files, I found an update that a particular agent had responded to all queries as of a certain date and if you hadn't recieved a response to resend. I went and checked my spreadsheet and sure enough, I'd queried. So, I went back to the website, re-read the submission instructions and realized I'd made an error in both the email address and the material the agent requests. Horrifying enough, but salvagable. I copied and pasted my letter, added the material, fixed the address and hit send.
This morning, I realized I mixed everything up. My first submission was correct. I checked on the wrong agent and then ended up sending a letter with the first agents name to the second agent. That sucks! Hard. In my defense, their names are very similar as are the names of their agencies, but still.
I know mistakes happen and that agents are human, too, but I am horrified.

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