Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Stuff

My day started out bad!
Woke up late after a terrible sleep and my truck wouldn't start. Called B. He was too far out to come and help me. So I called a friend who I knew would be driving my way on her way to work. She came to help jump me, only it wasn't working. Now, I'm not stupid. I know how to jump start a car, but no matter what we did, it wouldn't start. She called her husband, and don't you know it started for him - on the first try. My pride was a bit wounded at that, because, after all, I do know how and have done it several times. Not that it really mattered, but still...
I then found out that I'd messed up a bunch of stuff (after being pleased with my progress) and had to go fix it all and then do it the right way.
Needless to say, my day didn't start off very well...
But it got better. Much better.
Here's why:
1. I have the best friends anyone could ask for. I just do. They are excellently awesome and I'm amazed and humbled by them.
2. I somehow managed saved a really huge dragonfly from certain death without hurting his wings or getting dive bombed.
3. I didn't have to cook dinner, or clean up.
4. I got to snuggle baby K and wish her momma a very happy birthday.
5. When we left the baby snuggling and birthday partying the sun was setting. The sky was amazing with reds and oranges and these awesome clouds. The clouds on our right looked like mountains. The ones in front looked like two angels and stayed directly in front of us the whole way home - never losing shape or spreading out like the other clouds had. Pretty spectacular.
6. Sleeping in for a little bit tomorrow.
7. A fantastically beautiful day today. Not too hot and a very nice breeze.
That's a pretty good list for a Monday, especially one that started out so crappy.
Now I must sleep.

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