Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday...Or Not

There's a lot I could Tall Tale Tuesday about, but I'm not feeling any of it.
I mentioned the weekend was not relaxing and I'll tell you why. Or at least some of why.
Tuesday evening, my sister got bit by something. By Wednesday morning, she had a rash. This rash got bad enough that she went to the doctor Wednesday afternoon. They said she had shingles and gave her a bunch of meds. Thursday morning, she was in so much pain she could barely walk. And she had a fever. She called the doctor and went back in. They gave her different meds, drew a circle around the area and told her if her fever got higher or if the redness extended beyond the circle to go to the emergency room. She texted me a little before 11pm to tell me they were on their way to the emergency room. She's been in the hospital ever since. Sunday night they did surgery to remove the necrotic tissue and the infected area. Now she's got a wound pump to help draw out the nasty fluids. They still don't know what bit her, or what's causing the infection.
There's a possibility it was a Brown Recluse spider. We're still waiting to hear anything on that. It's rare in this area, but not unheard of. My brother-in-law thinks he caught one and it's currently in a jar waiting for confirmation on what species it is.
It's possible she could come home today. With the wound pump and a visiting nurse.
So there you have it. Scary stuff.


Ava Quinn said...

Holy crow, Smith! That sucks. Hope she's better soon.

Victoria said...

Thanks, M3!