Monday, July 12, 2010

Movie Week

Day two.
It's movie week around the old homestead.
So far we've watched three.
1. Ice Age 3: Well, what do you say about that? I've liked all of them so far.
2. Where the Wild Things Are: Did. Not. Like. It was angry and disconnected. We almost shut it off three times, but hoped it would get better. It didn't.
3. Blind Side: Loved it. K4 lost interest during the football scenes and went to research gerbil care (that's another post). I loved Sandra Bullock's character. She was tough, no nonsense, but filled with compassion and the strength to do the right thing.
We're 2 for 3. Not bad, but the one we didn't like hangs like a dark cloud of wasted time and confusion.
I'm not sure what else is on the movie list. K4's starting to like more than cartoons and kid movies, so it's pretty cool. We're planning to hit the theater tomorrow or the next day, though I have no idea what we're seeing. that it's after 10pm, now I can think about writing.

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