Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Summer Survival Journal: Year Two: Entry Two

We are cooking in our own juices. The temperatures are extreme and so are the attitudes from the natives. They are uncomfortable. I do understand as I share their discomfort. But seriously? When a gentle reminder that it is your turn to load the utensil cleaning device causes a meltdown of nuclear proportions, then it is time to cut and run.
Though I cannot run. I cannot hide either.
The natives have been somewhat subdued due to events that have taken place with their countrymen. Every insect infringement is cause for concern and I do understand that, though I would appreciate not being disturbed from a peaceful slumber to inspect questionable itchy spots. I would also appreciate it if the door to my private sleeping chambers would be closed after they are done disturbing me since it is the only room in the house with a cooling device.
I believe these things are too much to ask.
We have danced for cooler temperatures to no avail. Perhaps this extreme weather will not break until after we have perished?
Send ice...

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