Monday, May 05, 2008

10 Things...

That are crappy about today...
1. My kid is sick. Had to pick him up from school. Running a fever.
2. Same kid can't go back to school until 24 hours after his fever breaks. I have an appointment I can't miss tomorrow morning.
3. I have a killer headache pain medicine won't touch.
4. The amount of laundry waiting to be done.
5. K2 has a late afternoon appointment tomorrow which requires much juggling of schedules. I thought I had it worked out until #1 & #2 happened.
6. K1 was goofing around with an energy drink (one of those ones that are super carbonated) and opened it by my head, covering me with icky-smelling stickiness.
7. The promised stimulus payment has not yet entered my realm of use.
8. It's warmer outside than it is in my house.
9. The stack of papers waiting for my attention is growing ever higher as the kids unload their backpacks.
10. I'm really tired. Really tired.
That is all.

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