Friday, May 30, 2008

Wreslting Baby

Last picture from Memorial Day. This is my niece's design. At first, I barely paid any attention to how funny it was because I was busily trying to get stuff together for the picnic. Then my brother saw it and laughed so hard I had to take a second look. There used to be a cartoon on with little wrestling dudes - I can't remember the name because it wasn't watched much here. Then, the odd masked wrestling movie that I've tried really hard to erase from my memory. It's funnier in person because you can't see all the designs on the mask in the picture.
I told you in runs in the family.
So, today is Friday. Thank goodness. It's also the last Friday of the school year. This time next week my crew will be home and will probably already be saying they're bored. Ha! Most of me is glad the routine is changing and homework will be a thing of the past for a few weeks, that and the bedtime/wake up hassle we sometimes deal with. The other part of me is in a panic because I have no idea how time went this fast. Didn't we just start this school year?
And next year, I'll have three in three different schools. K3 is heading to middle school. Holy crud. How did that happen? Tonight is the 5th grade graduation & family picnic. The last one of these we went to is not a happy memory thanks to some really mean girls and the way they treated my daughter. And the way their parents let them treat my daughter - public humiliation - in front of the entire 5th grade and their families. It wasn't pretty. At all. It was so bad, the school principal called me first thing Monday morning to apologize for what happened and I had other parents calling to tell me how appalled they were. Not that I think anything similar will happen tonight because it won't. It's just that memory, you know? But it'll be fun, if not nostalgic because yet another of my babies has finished elementary school.
Have a fantastic weekend!

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