Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Boy

And his best friend.
K1 is on the right - the smaller guy with the goofy smile. Yesterday was his birthday and we had a "small" gathering to celebrate him turning 19. I say "small" like that because with the family, small is a relative term. We had 29 people here, with several missing. But, we also had a blast. I'm seriously thinking 19 is harder on me than 18 was. What happened to my little boy? I spent the night having strange dreams about him breaking his leg, and awake thinking. Which wasn't good since the last guest didn't leave until well after 12:30 and it was after 1:00 am until I crawled into bed.
Okay. Enough of that.
June already, huh?
Weird. This year is flying by. I know I say that at the beginning of every new month. The kids finish up school this week. K3 is finishing elementary school, which is also weird and probably adds to my nostalgia from above. I'm sure of it. (oh and the 5th grade graduation went well. The entire 5th grade class is a riot.) We have a little less than a month until K2 can take her driving test. That's weird, too.
And that's all I have for now. Which probably relieves you, because of the general nostalgic bend to this post.

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Vicky B said...

Enjoy this time no matter how maudlin you get. It only comes once. Glad to hear the graduation and party went well!