Sunday, June 29, 2008

Off To Camp...

K2's been delivered for her first week's work as a camp counselor.
She was very excited - bouncing off the wall's, up until 3am excited. (and I know this because I was still awake at 3am, not sleeping and not because I was excited, because I just can't.) She left a list of animal care instructions for the hamsters, and the snapping turtle who's still in residence, but won't be by this time next week. (Which is a huge yay. I don't mind the turtle itself, and he does need to go home to the wild, but his water reeks like you would not believe!! And the stench happens within a day of her cleaning his habitat. Yuck.) My niece is at the same camp as an attendee this week, so that will be nice for both of them. K3 & K4 - but especially K4 - are already sad she's gone. And, so am I. It's going to be a strange week around here.
But we have lots to do around here, so hopefully it goes fast.
That's all for Sunday.

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